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SPG Systems and Processes Management, Certification , certifying company of Systems Quality Management accredited by ENAC for the issuance of  ISO 9001  and  ISO 14001 certificate , emerged in May 2003 with the intention of opening a hole in the world certification of quality systems in Spain.

Behind this acronym is the effort of many people. But, above all, include the work of José Jubert Garcia as early promoter of the idea. And Mr. Joseph H. Mora as an administrator from then until February 2009.

Gradually,   SPG  has been expanding its customer base and the number of certificates issued. It has therefore been fundamental fact of having a wide range of expert auditors who perform their work throughout the Spanish geography.

After 15 years of uninterrupted activities, now SPG  projects firmly into the international market. SPG continues to transmit knowledge to promote, enhance and optimize the business management of our customers through value – added services.

For companies located in Mexico, consult our website:  www.spgcertificacion.com.mx .  for Colombia  I www.spgcertificacion.com.co .  www.spgcertificacion.com.ar in Argentina. And  www.spgcertificacion.cl in Chile. All they updated with the latest developments in training, news and blogs.

SPG  is working hard, steady and safe way to expand the services offered to its customers. Among them is the creation of the Training Center of SPG and certifications of environmental management systems, prevention of occupational hazards and food safety.


We are  a non profit and we aim maximum customer satisfaction. SPG offer personalized, flexible and effective care.

Action policies SPG  focus on: 

  1. Provide a certification that represents for the customer, added value and not an additional cost, ensuring the commitment of organizations in maintaining quality systems certified in accordance with applicable regulations, considering the continuous improvement of its processes.
  2. Detect and identify potential quality problems or improvement actions occurring both internally and in relation to any party interested in the certification process (customers, end users, ENAC), and establish the corresponding actions for removal or adjustment .

In S.PG . we believe in what we do and so transmit. We work to provide the highest possible service customization. 

Customers of companies certified by GSP can send us any complaint concerning our certified so that we can track the problem in the next audit companies.

Write to us in contact.

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