Throughout this document it references the following documents certification is done:

  • Certificate : document issued by S.P.G. organizations certified by it and showing a brand of accreditation or refers to accreditation status. If the certificate is issued before the date of accreditation or a sector in which .SPG is not accredited, the certificate will only refer to .SPG
  • Brand : Symbol SPG property that is used by certified organizations, according to the rules defined in this document to indicate that an organization has shown that there is adequate confidence in its management system and that it complies with predetermined requirements. Examples of brands are shown for some standards (see figures below).
  • Logo : Symbol used by .SPG as a form of identification.

The use certified organizations can make the various documents listed above is restricted to the certificate and brand (accredited or not), the logo for use .SPG

Next to this document certification brand is included (in electronic form)

 Certificate for the use of the brand and take into account the following rules:

  • The certification brand applies to system management by the organization, and does not involve certification of products and / or services included in the scope of the certificate, it may never be used on product (it is also considered product generated documents service companies as a result of their activities, p. eg .: certified laboratory, consulting reports, certificates, plans, inspection reports, etc., can not use the maintainer of the elevator on this or the cleaning company about the product installation or cleaned).
  • On primary packaging , or which is designed to contain the product or constitute a single item for the consumer or end user, because it covers the product entirely or only partially but such that can not be modified the contents without opening or changing said packaging certification brand may not be used.
  • Any registered organization can advertise your management system is certified against the applicable standard, always referring only to the scope defined in its certificate and making sure when the certificate does not cover the entire activity of the organization, which in its advertising does not there is confusion between activities and / or places covered by the certification and those who are not. This observation is valid, whether the brand is used only as if text is used.
  • It is allowed to use the certification brand provided that the organization hold the certificate.
  • Both the certificate and the brand can only be used as proof of suitability management system certified (and included in the scope) organization can not be used by other parties such as customers, suppliers, companies of the same group, etc. To do this, the brand should appear always associated with the name or logo certified company, forming a single chart this set.
  • If used as a communication medium certificate, it must be reproduced in whole and in its original form. Yes you can change the size, it does not affect the content.
  • The certification brand must not be altered in its proportions, but can be changed in size, color and background.
  • ENAC logo appearing on certificates of companies operating in sectors for which .SPG is accredited, applies only to the certification activity, hence by .SPG can not be reproduced by the certified organization.

Bearing in mind the above rules, BRAND MAY BE USED :

  • In all stationery (eg. Letters, receipts, delivery notes, invoices, faxes, communications, internal orders, business cards, catalogs, etc.).

you can use the certification brand but not all company activities are covered by the scope of it in the media; except:

Offers and catalogs, which must distinguish what activities are certified and which are not (may be by an explanatory text).

In the event that the organization had certified only a very small part of their activities or only what are some of their locations, offices or departments.

  • In advertising and promotional material (eg. Web pages, advertisements in newspapers, diaries, calendars, presentations, adhesives, company cars, billboards, etc.).

Not forget that the brand must be associated with the name or company logo. It can not be used in these media if only product names, brands or trademarks without mentioning the company indicated; The same applies to the locations.

When this is the case, as with stationery, it may clarify (through text or similar) which activities or locations are covered by the certification.

  • On secondary packaging, ie on that which is designed to constitute a grouping of smaller packaging (primary), which are used to protect them and facilitate its handling or transportation, or one that can be removed without disintegrating or damage the product.

When using this type of packaging, it has to take into account that the trade brand is associated with the name or logo of the company and the scope of the certified management system for manufacture of packaged product.

Certified organizations may refer to their status as certified using, instead of the certification brand, the phrase «(company) has a management system (quality, environment) certified according to the standard (whichever applies) by .SPG . «This phrase can be used in all cases described above with the same conditions that certification brands.

Any questions that might arise regarding the use of the certificate, certification brand or inclusion of texts must be consulted with the direction of .SPG

Through the checks performed audit teams as part of follow-up audits and renewal and through possible complaints from users or other stakeholders, .SPG maintains control over ownership, use and advertising of their certificates and brands certification, including non-accredited.

When a misuse of the certificate or certification brand is detected, certified by the customer, eg:

  • Failure to comply with these requirements, referring to the certification status in the media,
  • It is made or any misleading statement concerning certification detected
  • It is used or permits the use of misleading document certification
  • If you remove the certificate, the client does not cease all advertising pertaining to certification.
  • Advertising does not change if reducing the scope of certification
  • Allows reference is made to the certification of its management system to mean that the certification body certifies a product.
  • It suggests that certification applies to activities and sites outside the scope
  • Uses certification so that discredits SPG and / or certification system and generates public distrust

.SPG take appropriate action to correct these circumstances. These measures, and depending on their importance, including suspension or withdrawal of the certificate, legal action and the publication of misuse done.

In the case of withdrawal of the certificate, the Technical Director will notify the customer in writing stating the reason for it. You will be instructed that from that time, the organization may not use the brand nor the associated logo, or advertise your management system and certificate, and must return to .SPG, the certificate and any documentation associated with it in your day will be provided.

In the case of reduced scope, the client must change advertising to fit the new scope.

To avoid misuse problems, certified organizations communicate in writing to the address .SPG any changes, both in location or changes of activity, as organization or internal structure, to occur in your organization and can affect the certificate granted.

This instruction is a legally enforceable agreement, the signing of which is effective by signing the application for certification.

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