ISO 14001 certification is a set of standards standardized internationally by the International Organization for Standardization which have aim to establish a regulation and an effective environmental management system for companies

The planet Earth and its resources are increasingly threatened and society is slowly becoming aware of it. The ISO 14001 certificate allows organizations to demonstrate control of the impacts of their activities, products and services on the environment, in accordance with their environmental policy and objectives as well as with the applicable legal requirements.

This set of environmental standards can be applied to any company or organization, of any size or sector, that is looking to reduce environmental impacts and comply with environmental legislation.

Therefore, any company can apply the 14001 standard.

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The environmental protection standard ISO 14001 version 2015 will offer a series of advantages to certified companies:


  • Allow reduce costs of the company by acquiring a commitment to improve the company’s internal environmental management system

  • More efficient use of the raw materials used by the company for its activity

  • Easier compliance with legality and environmental risk management

  • ISO standard for environmental management gives certified companies greater reputation against their competition

  • Build trust with suppliers and customers

  • Integration of other ISO standards such as 9001 quality certificate , or the ISO 45001 occupational safety

SPG Management Systems and Processes, certification , certifies environmental management systems (EMS) based on the standard ISO 14001:2004. The ISO 14001 certification is an acknowledgment of this form of management before society, customers and suppliers and the organization’s own staff.

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The update of ISO 14001 standard strengthens the Environmental Management System of a company and thanks to the procedures that companies comply with when they become certified, they ensure continuous improvement in their internal organization, which is reflected in in better services to customers.

The certification process of S.P.G. consists of two stages:

The first stage consists in the analysis of the documentation of the quality management system as well as in the realization of an on-site visit to the client’s facilities in order to review the status of the organization, its degree of understanding of the standard(s) and determine the degree of preparation of the organization to face the second stage.

The second stage consists of an audit visit to its facilities, based on a detailed program for its correct execution. This visit assesses the degree of knowledge and implementation in the different areas of the company involved with the scope activities and the requirements established in the management system.

Learn about the certification process in more detail.


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