HPTs – High Performance Teams (online)


This course introduces the leaders of companies and organizations that lead or want to lead teams to leadership and especially how to create and manage High Performance Teams (HPTs) .

Duration : 80 h (taught over 2 months)

Modality : Online


HPT – High Performance Teams

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To all those professionals of the company or of any organization, with personnel in their charge or who may have it in the future, who wish to deepen the art of leadership and learn coaching techniques with the aim of developing their professional career or that of their team, in balance with their family life and achieve the desired objectives in the short, medium and long term.

Objective and methodology of the course

This course introduces the leaders of companies and organizations that lead or want to lead teams to leadership and especially how to create and manage High Performance Teams (HPT).

A High Performance Team (HPT) is a limited set of people with directly related talents and complementary skills that work to achieve specific and common goals, with a high degree of commitment, a set of goals of performance and an agreed approach whereby they consider themselves mutually responsible.

The development and consolidation of high performance teams requires time, dedication and effort… of all the members and especially of those who direct them.

A good initial analysis of the team’s situation in relation to the 11 key parameters is the starting point for the improvement and development of the teams.

For this purpose, not only leadership and the characteristics of the leader of High Performance Teams will be discussed, but also coaching tools will be transmitted so that each one of the participants in the course will be able to self-evaluate in different aspects of leadership, personal and professional management and your team to promote an action plan for improvement.

Duration : 80 h (taught over 2 months)

Price per participant : 900.00 €

Note: S.P.G. process the grant management to the State Foundation for Training in Employment, FEFE (former Tripartite Foundation) for all students who enroll in our courses and who complete the course through their company.


Francisco Heras

  • Bachelor in Industrial Chemistry trained at the University of Barcelona (Spain).
  • Business Administration and Management Program by the EMI Foundation of Barcelona.
  • Master of Management of Small and Medium Enterprises by EPISE in Barcelona
  • Master in Leading Innovation and Change by the Robert Kenney College of Switzerland in Collaboration with York St John University.
  • Executive Coach Certified by TISOC.
  • Commercial Coach Certified by the International Chamber of Entrepreneurs (CIE) of Barcelona.
  • Political Coach Certified by Euroinnova Formation (UNIVERSIDAD ANTONIO DE NEBRIJA)
  • Engineering Manager, Technical Director in several multinational industries for about 20 years.
  • General Director of several multinational companies for more than 10 years.
  • Industrial consultant and executive coach, commercial coach and political coach.


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