New book by Dr. R. Govindarajan: The health disorder has no cure

New book by Dr. R. Govindarajan: The health disorder has no cure


The Dr . Rajaram Govindarajan has just published his new book The health disorder has no cure. From the safety of the patient to the sustainability of the health system with process management . (25/01/2010)


Through this book , the author highlights the main problems in the health system of our country and provides management tools proven to analyze, correct and finely prevent them .

It is an indispensable tool:

– Political directors of health administration, hospital managers and their management teams.

– department heads, supervisors, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all those healthcare professionals who have real interest in getting involved in the functioning of the organization in which they work, and contributing daily to improve it with their efforts, guided by a culture of excellence.

Mr. Govindarajan is the author of numerous articles and the book Excellence in the healthcare sector with ISO 9001 , published by McGraw-Hill in 2007.


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