ISO 9000 family standards

ISO 9000 family standards

The family of standards ISO 9000 is a set of quality standards and the quality management of organizations and companies promoted by the International Organization Nornalización (ISO) . These standards can apply any company wishing to gain greater competitive advantage over the competition.

These quality standards  specify that the form should operate a business to meet quality standards, delivery targets and levels of quality of services offered.

What standards ISO 9001 family there?

ISO 9000 standards are:

  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9002
  • ISO 9003
  • ISO 9004


ISO 9001

This quality management standard used to efficiently meet the criteria that a company must have to satisfy your customers. And total customer satisfaction is achieved. This is the only standard that can be certified for this family of ISO standards.

ISO 9002

ISO 9002 ISO 9001 complements including the production process and intalación

ISO 9003

This standard also complements the previous two, but only covers the inspection and final testing.

ISO 9004

ISO 9004 focuses on performance improvement. The objective of this standard is to provide the necessary assistance to improve the system of quality management all stakeholders in the final customer satisfaction.

ISO 9004 includes since the efficiency of a quality system to the effectiveness of this. It is complementary to the above rules and is not certifiable.


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