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ISO 45001 standard , which replaces the old OHSAS 18001, ensures Health and Safety at Workplace .

Existing since March 2018, and replacing OHSAS 18001 which was created in 1999, the new ISO 45001 standard establishes a set of minimum requirements that each company should meet and have always present to improve your daily activities and minimise workplace hazards. All this, by focusing on the management of Health and Safety at Workplace.

  • Search for and identify potential risks at workplace.
  • Troubleshoot errors that can cause workplace hazards.
  • Modify working conditions in order to improve them.
  • A better organisation in the company.
  • Minimise accidents in the workplace.
  • Reduce labor casualties caused by bad practices in the workplace.
  • Reduce both costs and downtime of employees.
  • Show, therefore, compliance to customers and suppliers.

The certification process of SPG consists of two stages:

First, from SPG we analyse the documentation quality management system. Also, we conduct a visit to the customer’s facilities. This visit aims to review the status of the organisation and their understanding of the rules and determine, thus, the preparation of it.

Then, in a second step, we make an audit visit to the facilities of the organization. This visit is based on a detailed program for its proper performance. During that period, the degree of knowledge and implementation in different areas of the company involved in the activities of the scope and requirements of the management system is evaluated.

If you want to certify your business in  ISO 45001 , contact  SPG. We have qualified with extensive experience in the certification of management systems health and safety auditors. The  ISO 45001 certification  by a recognised entity as SPG, provides a visible demonstration of compliance with the company safety and health at workplace. This will enable your company to improve image, increase competitiveness and achieve better market positioning.

Learn more about the certification process.

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