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ISO 14001 environmental management certification is a set of standards internationally standardized by the International Standards Organization, aimed at establishing a regulatory and an effective environmental management system for businesses.

The Planet Earth and its resources are increasingly threatened and society is gradually increasing awareness of it. ISO 14001 certification  enables organisations to demonstrate they control the impacts of its activities, products and services on the environment. It is done according to the company’s policy and environmental objectives, as well as applicable legal requirements.

This environmental standards set can be applied to any business or organization, of any size or sector, which is aiming to reduce its environmental impact and meet the environmental legislation.

Therefore, any company can apply the standard 14001.

Environmental protection standard ISO 14001 version 2015 will offer a number of advantages to certified companies:

  • It allows to reduce costs  of the company by acquiring the commitment to improve the system of internal environmental management of the company.
  • more efficient use of raw materials used by the company for its activity.
  • Easier for legal compliance and environmental risk management.
  • The environmental management ISO certified gives most reputable companies against its competitors.
  • It builds trust with suppliers and customers.
  • Integration of other standards such as ISO quality certificate 9001 , or OHSAS 18001 occupational safety.

SPG certifies environmental management systems (EMS) based on ISO 14001: 2004. ISO 14001 certification  is a recognition of this form of management to society, customers and suppliers and the organization own staff.

 The update of ISO 14001  enhances the environmental management system of a company. Procedures met at certified companies ensure continuous improvement in their internal organisation. These improvements have a positive effect on services to customers.

The certification process at SPG consists of two stages:

First, from GSP we analyze documentation quality management system. Also we conducted a site visit to the customer’s premises. This visit aims to review the status of the organisation and their understanding of the rules and determine the preparation thereof.

Then, in a second stage, we make an audit visit to the facilities of the organisation. This visit is based on a detailed program for its proper performance. During that period, the degree of knowledge and implementation in different areas of the company involved in the activities of the scope and requirements of the management system is evaluated.

Learn the details of the certification process.

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