How to improve workplace safety

How to improve workplace safety

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is to prevent, reduce, minimise to eliminate any risk that may cause injury to a worker in their workplace. It is taking precautions and act before the accident in order to prevent injuries and the effects produced by agents or hazardous materials in the workplace.

Regulation ISO 45001  helps prevention and safety in the workplace.

Prevention of occupational hazards

In the  prevention of occupational risks should be highlighted several meanings:

  • The Prevention Act  is aimed at safety of workers
  • Safety in the workplace is one of the keys in the Law on Prevention of Risks
  • Workplace safety should be a mainstay in the organization of companies to avoid accidents from happening
  • The ability to detect and meet safety and prevention of occupational hazards is a condition and quality of the people

The goal of any plan of risk prevention must be the «zero accident» .

How to improve work safety

Updates to the law on occupational health and safety , does not serve to eliminate injuries and accidents if safety conditions are not improved in workplaces. Occupational health does not improve based on laws, but with the awareness of employers and workers and the health of oneself.

Every worker should be aware of all prevention processes carried out by the company. Training and health awareness of self.

Tips to reduce accidents in the workplace

Information, knowledge and responsibilities

Spanish territory in the regulations Occupational Safety and Health aims to develop the corresponding needs to know preventively and avoid the risks associated with workers.

Similarly, knowledge of security processes help us have a place healthy and risk free work. Have current workers and provide it to information is essential so they can check all policies and procedures are updated.

Involving workers is their own workplace safety .

Identify risks in each job

Proper identification of occupational hazards is essential. These risks may be from a tool for everyday use at work that is in poor condition, a slippery floor, chairs in offices in poor or tables that do not suit the needs of their workers.

It is very important to identify them and know how workers can communicate these risks to avoid injuries associated with them.

Workers should know the regulations associated with the employment sector and more if working in an environment of increased risk of accident or injury.

Provide career counseling and job training

Most accidents workers carrying them less than half a year in the company occur.

Training employees and give them the knowledge of the potential risks that may occur in the workplace is essential to ensure that they are aware of the appropriate time to do their job skills.



Supervise the work of workers

To be sure of and ensure that working conditions are safe, they must be supervised by responsible workplace safety although this task can be performed by workers who have more experience and knowledge of safety procedures.


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