Get the most your team practicing COACHING!

Get the most your team practicing COACHING!

Coaching is a process of accompaniment and support in facilitating a relationship between a coach and a person, organization or team.

Coaching helps set goals and meet them better, provides an approach to get results faster.

A typical coaching process usually lasts 6 to 9 months with regular meetings every 2-4 weeks each approximately 2 hours.

With the tools that we have self-assessments, 360 assessments, tests … necessary for the customer to learn more about himself and so can mark the strengths and weaknesses, and define the way forward.

Coaching is a results – oriented process – oriented future. Propels the action and allows approximate the results you want. Change and Personal Development are as important as the final result. Mistakes as accepted business opportunities and potential future development of the individual is valued.

Executive Coaching seeks to develop leadership skills and reach optimal results in managers and area managers.

Business Coaching is to help clients clarify and achieve their goals. The coach besides having own coaching skills, you must have knowledge of the business and of the criteria used in business.

Business Coaching is particularly accompanied by a sales manager, a team member or the entire sales team to achieve ultimately improve performance, achieve the desired goals, increase sales and increase customer loyalty.

Team Coaching is accompanying the team in its development and consolidation as a high performance team. A High Performance Team (EAR) is a limited set of people with talents and complementary skills directly interrelated working to achieve certain common goals and with a high degree of commitment, a set of performance goals and an agreed approach which are considered mutually accountable.

Advantages of coaching are numerous and depend on the stated objectives. For example:

  1. Support in decision making
  2. Aid for Change Management
  3. Generation of high performance teams
  4. Support professional development
  5. It helps achieve the objectives of the company
  6. Analysis of managerial skills and leadership
  7. Aid to develop managerial and leadership skills
  8. Increased motivation, confidence, responsibility, stress resistance
  9. Increased creativity, learning, knowledge
  10. Greater organizational performance
  11. Correction toxic or negative habits
  12. Etc…

If you are interested in this powerful tool, please contact us and we will support you to get the most out of yourself and your team.

Signed. Francisco Heras.

Executive Coach, Business Coach, Coach Teams and Political Coach.

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Coach Leader mixes the positive part of the skills of positive, charismatic, enterprising, motivating leadership skills of a good coach to help the professional development of his team in their management skills, management, bringing leadership is achieved very powerful is that generate better returns for companies in the short term but especially in the medium and long term.

Getting High Performance Teams , it is the dream of every leader. A team where combined skills and expertise of all its members the outcome is much more effective than individual sum of each of them separately. It is not easy, and there can always be communication problems, lack of confidence, envy, very different rhythms of work, lack of commitment, …, which are trying toaddress through coaching techniques and leadership that help teams and their leaders meet its objectives and exceeded.


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