Environmental compliance

Environmental compliance

What is environmental compliance? what does it mean? implying?

If you do not know what it means almost certainly we are not meeting «environmental compliance».

meet them can mean fines and penalties for the company in the future.

No matter what your company is engaged. Sure it is subject to various environmental regulations controlled by the appropriate bodies.

What is environmental compliance?

Webster’s Dictionary defines «compliance» as:

«Conformity to carry out official requirements»

If we complement this with environmental word, we have a great definition of what environmental compliance:

It is conformity in compliance with the official environmental requirements.

Compliance simply means doing things well and meet the requirements. It means doing everything that is required and not leave it to chance what to do with their regulatory requirements. It means doing everything you have to do, completely and correctly.

What are the environmental requirements?

Are sorted regulations and environmental regulations and enforced by city agencies, autonomy or EU member country.

It may seem easy, but it can also be very difficult. If you are in a small business in a rural setting, you may have just a few rules that apply, perhaps even only state law. In that case, be in compliance is fairly easy. However, if you are somewhere like Madrid or Barcelona , you may have city regulations, autonomy or European member country to join and this can become a nightmare.

The first step is figuring out which regulations apply to it. It’s harder if your company is a special type of operations, but there are plenty of regulations, so it is difficult to avoid this issue. Once you find out what you need to accomplish, you have to do it accurately, completely and forever.

Often we find that most companies need to be in accordance with permits environmental pollution, toxic emissions, log storage containers of hazardous waste (fuel, chemicals, additives or solvents), status register waste producer dangerous … and a lot more depending on what you do and where you are.

Why be environmentally friendly?

We are overusing the planet earth, it is everyone’s responsibility and care for him. We all benefit from it and we should all strive to be healthy.

The most important reason is that there is no choice. Official regulations are not a game. It has to do well, spend the time, effort, and unfortunately the money to get compliance or business will face problems sooner or later.

How do I get in compliance?

It is best to enlist the help of an environmental professional who knows your area, your industry or just someone you trust. At the end of the process, you have to find exactamenteque environmental legislation  is applied to your company.

Then you have to go over everything that makes exhaustively. Knowing that you must know what is supposed to do or what you are doing in their operations. You should not violate laws or lie or misrepresent anything. Make sure you are doing everything correctly .

If not, solve the problem. Start to find out how you can change for the better, and keep it. It can cost time, money and resources, but it will be incredibly cheaper than if you get caught. Furthermore, in this case you will have to do it anyway and most likely will look very closely so that a small problem could be a big problem. Do this from the beginning.

If you can do all this, you will find «fulfilling their official environmental requirements».

In other words, do what you have to do, follow the rules and regulations that affect installation, and will be in compliance.

Some find it hard, some easy. Some people get them for themselves, others need training in environmental compliance. If you need help to maintain operations, please contact us  and we will help or call us  to see what you can do to put your facility where you need to be.


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