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    Online Course of Technician and Internal Auditor of Quality Management System according to ISO9001:2015 standard

    I found it very interesting and I learned a lot, now I feel I am able to face an audit.

    Also, the material is very complete and organised.

    Ethan Ruiz Carpio
    deGrupo Profuego Seguridad
    lunes, mayo 14, 2018

    Course of Process audit VDA 6.3

    The course received was very helpful for me since I had no prior knowledge of the topic. The methodology of the course is satisfactory, as well as the attention, I would like to add more practice exercises on the audit, I appreciate the opportunity they give to train or learn more about these issues.

    Thank you very much

    L. Rugerio
    jueves, mayo 10, 2018

    Internal Auditor Technician ISO 9001: 2015

    I liked the course, the person who taught it proves a lot of experience in the subject. It’s a pity that very little time, the subject is very broad, much to discuss and much to learn.
    I liked the experience and I am satisfied with the course, with a desire to continue with you learning.

    Ma. Auxiliadora Flores Paiz
    deCek de centroamerica
    jueves, mayo 10, 2018

    Internal Auditor Technician ISO 9001:2015

    Thank you for the opportunity to know more about the norm are an excellent means of learning. Successes and greetings.

    Yorlin Dodani Rodriguez Reyes
    jueves, mayo 10, 2018

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