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Clinical ISO is the brand of SPG, specialised in the certification of organisations within the health sector and social services.

The principles governing the actions of Clinical ISO are fairness, responsibility and confidentiality of our actions, the competence of our staff, transparency in access or disclosure of information and proper treatment to improvement proposals from our customers.

The strategy in the certification process Clinical ISO is based on helping auditors to provide customers to identify system weaknesses and joint work with the client to find ways to improve the effectiveness and sustainability. For Clinical ISO, this is to provide added value and provide a good quality service.

Clinical ISO offers its certification services according to national and international standards. With this, you will certify and communicate the proper management of your company’s processes and its investment in the improvement and efficiency.

Our priority is to provide added value to the audits we perform. Thus, organisations use their quality management system effectively.

At SPG, we have expert staff on health, exclussively trained and qualified to do their work in this sector.

Developing and implementing a quality system is a safe bet for any organisation. What is more, even, for health and social institutions, where patients and residents are those who are converted directly into the beneficiary public.

If, in addition, an external entity specialised in the health sector certifies through a process of demanding and reliable audit, this form of management becomes a sign of confidence and security to the administration, providers, patients, residents and own staff of the organisation.

Involvement and motivation is key to success in any improvement initiative.

SPG Systems and Process Management – Certification trains and sensitises health personnel and technical and administrative staff to ensure excellence in all its activities.

Training areas include  ISO9001 , EFQM and techniques to prevent human errors in hospitals.

  • EFQM
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • Joint Comission
  • Internal audit

Patient safety.
Process management.

Chemical and handling risks.

The certification process of SPG consists of two stages:

First, from SPG we analyse the quality management system documentation. Also, we conduct a site visit to the client’s facilities. This visit aims to review the status of the organisation and their understanding of the rules and determine the preparation thereof.

Then, in a second stage, we make an audit visit to the facilities of the organization. This visit is based on a detailed program for its proper performance. During that period, the degree of knowledge and implementation in different areas of the company involved in the activities of the scope and requirements of the management system is evaluated.

Learn the details of the certification process.

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