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We are a Certification Entity accredited by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for the issuance of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

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If your company or organisation is interested in obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, your best choice is SPG.

ISO 9001 gives your organisation an effective tool to analyse and determine the key points that should be improved. S.P.G. reviews the complete quality management system implementation and gets it documented, acting as an interlocutor.

SPG is a Certification entity Accredited by ENAC for the issuance of ISO.


ISO 14001 certification is an international standardised set of norms, established by the International Organization for Standardization, which intends to recognise effective policies and environmental management systems for businesses.

The environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015 offers the following advantages to certified companies:

  • It allows the reduction of costs of the company, by acquiring the commitment to improve the internal environmental management system of the company.
  • More efficient use of raw materials used by the company, based on its activity.
  • Higher chances of legal compliance within the environmental risk management.
  • Being 14001 ISO certified gives the company a better reputation when compared with competitors.
  • It builds trust with suppliers and customers.
  • • Integration of other standards such as ISO 9001 quality certification, or ISO 45001 workplace safety.
Curso de técnico de medioambiente y auditor interno de medioambiente según ISO 14001 ONLINE


ISO 22000 certification is an international standard. It defines the requirements to be met by a system of food safety management to ensure food safety along the entire food chain.  Therefore, it is evidence to consumers, suppliers and any interested party in the chain, that your organisation:

  • Plans, implements, operates, maintains and updates a management system of food safety aimed at providing products that, according to its intended use, are safe for the consumer.
  • Demonstrates compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to food safety.
  • Evaluates and assesses customer requirements and demonstrates conformity with those mutually agreed customer requirements that relate to food safety, in order to increase their satisfaction.
  • Communicates effectively issues relating to food safety to all interested parties.
  • Ensures compliance with the policy declared food safety.
  • Demonstrates, therefore, this conformity to interested parties.


ISO 45001 standard, which replaces the old OHSAS 18001, ensures Health and Safety at Workplace.

This new standard also establishes a set of minimum requirements which companies should meet and take into account in order to improve their daily activities and, thus, minimize occupational hazards, by focusing on Safety and Health at Workplace.

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CLINICAL ISO is a brand from SPG , especialised in certificating organizations within the health sector and social services.

Developing and implementing a Quality System is a safe bet for any organisation. It is especially favorable for health and social institutions, where patients and residents are the direct recipients.


We also carry out other certifications, such as ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 50001, ISO 28001, UNE 66181, etc.

Learn more about other certifications.


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