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ISO 22000 is a suitable international standard that is focused on companies that interact at any point in the food chain. That is, from the companies that work with food themselves, to product packaging companies, packaging…

This standard is also designed for companies that want to integrate the Quality Management System and the Food Safety System in their organization.

S.P.G. certifies Food Safety Management Systems according to ISO 22000. Food safety certification has become the global standard. This standardization has made that most of the companies in the food sector are certifying for ISO 22000. This standard includes all existing standards (BRC, IFS, HACCP,…), which facilitates the daily management of companies in the sector.

The ISO 22000 certification of your food safety management system is evidence to consumers, suppliers and any stakeholder in the food chain that your organization:

  • Plans, implements, operates, maintains and updates a food safety management system designed to provide products that, according to their intended use, are safe for the consumer.
  • Demonstrates compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements for food safety.
  • Evaluates and assesses customer requirements and demonstrates conformity to those mutually agreed customer requirements that relate to food safety, with the objective of increasing customer satisfaction..
  • Effectively communicates food safety issues to all stakeholders.
  • It ensures its compliance with the declared food safety policy.
  • It demonstrates, therefore, such compliance to the interested parties.
  • Cost reduction along the food chain.
  • Its application facilitates compliance with legislation.
  • Improve documentation.
  • Integrates HACCP principles into an organization’s management system compatible with the HACCP model ISO 9001.
  • It promotes PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).
  • Integrates all affected parties in better communication.
  • It provides confidence to consumers.
  • Increases safety along the food chain.
  • Systematic management of prerequisites.
  • Time and cost savings by performing ISO 22000 audits in conjunction with other Food Safety schemes.
  • A HACCP analysis system.
  • It should cover all activities in the food chain.
  • Maintaining traceability of all product elements throughout the chain.
  • Communication to interested parties (e.g. consumers or suppliers…)

The S.P.G certification process consists of two stages:

First, from SPG we analyze the documentation of the quality management system and conduct an on-site visit to the client’s facilities. The purpose of this visit is to review the status of the organization and its level of understanding of the standards, as well as to determine the organization’s readiness.

Then, in a second stage, we carry out an audit visit to the organization’s facilities, based on a detailed program for its correct execution. In this visit we evaluate the degree of knowledge and implementation in the different areas of the company involved with the activities of the scope and the requirements established in the management system.

Learn more about the  certification process.

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